It’s Hot. I’m Hot. You’re Hot.

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  1. Marta says:

    If you’re going to have that heat, getting to see wildlife from your air-conditioned home is a pretty sweet consolation prize.
    But, you’ll find us at Laguna Beach today. Can’t stay out of the water… =D

  2. Tere says:

    The deer is sooo cute! Do wish I could see that…

  3. The Hen says:

    De boba, I just opened my door to go refill the bird bath and I scared all three away from drinking water at the bath. What a picture that would have been!….Indeed, sweet deal to see such beauty from inside my refrigerated box, but boy, would I do anything for a beach trip.

  4. Balou says:

    Great pictures! I love the one of the deer. How sweet!

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