An oop-date on de espanish

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  1. Marcia Truitt says:

    I really enjoy reading your posts! And I’m curious, is Maria’s teacher a Spanish speaker as well? Is the class in Spanish?
    When it’s time for me to have kids I also want to make sure they learn Spanish, porque si no…. =)

  2. Cubanita in Colorado says:

    Honey, you keep going… I know sometimes you might feel lazy, pero no puedes dejar de hablarle en espanol. Her future is going to be better because of that, not counting how closer she’ll feel to her Cubanita heritage.
    Sigue pa’lante!

    I have some advantage with Nicolas, because at home we speak only Spanish, pero en este monte, the environment is not very favorable to that…

    Anyway, at least the boy already knows to say “caca”; and exactly what it means!

  3. The Hen says:

    Marcia, Maria’s teacher is from Spain, and the other teacher is a native Speaker as well. I’ll tell you all about it if you like. LLamame. E-mail-eh me. And mi amiga Cubanita, I will keep going…I just sometimes fall off the wagon. And, LOL on the caca!

  4. Chantel says:

    I feel you, sister. Penny now fights with me. I say, “Ponte el vestido,
    and she goes, “No! Dress.” At least I know she understood me. It’s just easier in English, isn’t it?

  5. Avill says:

    LOL! – I fear that this is what I have to look forward to. Mine is still chiquitica, but I can already see me slipping a lot because I have no one else around me that speaks it too.

    Anyway, your blog is fun to read – reminds me of my own days growing up in Miami (before TN life). Oh and the food . . . miss it!!!

  6. The Hen says:

    Chantel, I try not to tell Maria too often what absolutely gorgeous hair she has. I try. Gracias! Avill, welcome to Tennessee!

  7. Marta says:

    My kids butcher Spanish . . .but with great enthusiasm. Does that count?
    I figure there is always “Rosetta Stone.” =D

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