Cuba by a Cuban in Cuba and what’s up with those Y names.

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  1. Chantel says:

    Ay Dios mio, those Y names! When I was teaching in Miami I couldn’t keep them straight. I taught a Yusily (You Silly everyone called her) and a Yumay (“Yumay be seated” after the Pledge of Allegiance was a daily joke).

    Did you ever consider a Y name for Maria? Something like Yamarialexy?

  2. Mirtha says:

    Mi sobrina, sabia que un dia ibas a escribir sobre lo que Amanda te estaba contando. Como te reiste!!!!
    Como nos reimos todos.

  3. Lilian says:

    That sounds like a wonderful blog, I hope it’s real too. I do know other people (not Cubans, but Puerto Ricans), with interesting Y names(to my Brazilian ears — and in spite of the fact that I KNOW how to pronounce the Y in Spanish, the names do sound ridiculous with the American y sound): Yomarie, Yadira, Yalice, Yumera (my son’s classmate).

    I guess it’s probably not only a Cuban thing… but a Hispanic-Caribbean trait (?)…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Love your blog…”Generation Y” got a write up in the NYTimes this week, check it out (…

    I’m Dominican and I definitely remember the really ghetto names like Suhel and Suheidy…in school we always had at least one suhel or suheidi, and they all looked the same to me, lol, they were like a different species, maybe I shouldn’t say that…and the h in suhel and suheidi are pronounced like the j in javier, btw…Oh, other ghetto names for your collection, taken from my Dominican and American childhood: Yulissa, Yaneira, Dabeiba, Madein (like “made in”, pronounced with an accent on the “i”), Janeydy, oh so many…

  5. Balou says:

    I personally have known a Yadelkis, Yaneisy, Yanin, and Yalornia. The way it was explained to me (from Yalornia, via her mom) is that the government encouraged women to give their babies “Russian sounding” names and the “Y” names accomplished that while still being pronounceable in Spanish.

    Also, in my niece’s high school yearbok there are two brothers named Usnavy and Usmail.

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