Going from "Mami'' to "Mama''

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  1. Jujita says:

    Aaa the chancleta!
    I got that and I turned out fine ;)
    Good luck!

  2. Handel says:

    I still live by the chanctela and my kids are turning out fine (I think). Of course, with 4 kids under the age of 6 you can see why the chancleta is so needed !! :)

  3. says:

    You like “Mama” better than “Mami”? May I ask why?

  4. Carrie-in-TN says:

    Believe me, I know we can get the chancleta and turn out fine. I just treat it as an alcoholic would treat wine — I don’t go there for fear of not stopping.

    Adriana @morosconcristianos, very lovely blog…as to your question, it isn’t so much the “mama” that I like it is that she says “OK” first. However, the mama is sweet and it is what I used to call my own grandmother. Maria came up with it herself, maybe from hearing her Southern friends. I don’t know.

  5. says:

    Thanks Carrie!

    Might be the south indeed; sorry I misunderstood what you where saying.

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