Carmen Miranda Remolino warns Nashville: Pass English Only and no more English in Latin restaurants for ju. No Gway.

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  1. Laura Feo-Fernández says:

    I am soooo posting this (as I have all your entries on the subject–I live in Memphis) on my facebook page!
    By the way, I wanted to share with you something that you might find troubling yet funny. One of my xenophobic friends from high school joined a group on facebook called “Dora the Explorer is an Illegal Immigrant” or something ridiculous like that. I laughed at their stupidity, as you and I know Dora is Boricua and therefore an American citizen.
    But then I was saddened to see that their is so much ignorance in the world, as these people see Latinos as Mexican, or Illegal, or all the same.
    Sorry for my rant, but I figured you would understand. Brava to you for raising your voice to this idiocy!
    Un abrazote!
    Oooo…I am ordering a Los Pollitos shirt for mi mitad Cubano Javier. I will snap a picture and send it to you…he is too cute!

  2. Cassy says:

    Fabuloso! Que bella! This is great. I’m sharing it with todos…

  3. Carrie-in-TN says:

    Gracias, ladies…I had fun doing it and am enjoying watching the viral thing happen.
    Laura, poor little Dora lives in some rain forest, doesn’t she? I always assumed she was South American, and of course, legal in her own country.

  4. Jujita says:

    Love the video!
    I’m with Carrie.
    I always figured Dora was South or Central American.

  5. Marta says:

    THIS is exactly why I love you.
    Way to keep that heat turned up, mama!

  6. Carrie-in-TN says:

    Marta, gracias!

    And, I know you are extra happy and proud of me for not using all those colorful words I use when you and I speak…

  7. Mailyn says:

    This is hilarious! You go girl! y que vivan los bilingual kids… not one or two, the more languages, the better.La ignorancia es lo que mata a los pueblos.

  8. Brigid says:

    I love this! But I am so embarrassed to live somewhere that even considered such backwards legislation.

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