Hand-made books, taco journalism, cubanitos in Miami and an anecdote or two

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  1. laura Feo-Fernández says:

    you said pubey…
    loves it!

  2. Steph at The Red Clay Diaries says:

    Hey! I’m so glad we connected! Living here in north GA, far from my California roots, I miss the Chicano heritage I grew up around. And one of my buddies in college choir was a cubana from Miami.

    I needed some espanol in mi vida.

    And yeah, I laughed the most at pubey. ;)

  3. Early Bird says:

    Hola Cubana fria,
    I recently came across your blog and have followed it for a couple of weeks now. I just started one and am learning about the blogosphere. I thought that you, and other moms, might want to check it out since it’s based on child development. It’s http://www.downtheslide.blogspot.com.

  4. Early Bird says:

    Oh yeah,
    my Twitter name is Osonegro if you’re ever around in the early A.M. and I am editor in chief at a new publishing company called Talespinner Publications, Inc. http://www.talespinnerpublications.com if you’re interested in literature. I’m working on our second book right now and writing a book for pre-school teachers on positive guidance and discipline (that’s my “specialty”).

  5. Carrie_in_TN says:

    Laura, again, I think we’d get on famously…
    Steph, looks like we’re living similar lives as fish out of water. So nice to connect.
    Early Bird, welcome. Love your blog name and sounds like you have a cool job!

  6. Early Bird says:

    Thanks for the response. I have many cool jobs. I’m currently managing a retail store for a friend because it was falling apart! I’ve got it running pretty smooth right now and will soon be switching jobs. I’ll be working for a local Tribal school as an academic advisor and helping them to create an entirely new system of education. How’s the clothing company going? While I’m working at the retail store I can get shirts at very low prices (we stock over 7.000 pairs of Carhartt pants alone!) and I have two friends who own screen printing shops. I designed a logo (yes, I do artwork as well) for the Hoopa Valley Tribal Roads Dept. and had the shirts printed in one color and was able to sell them, at a keystoned mark-up, for $9.99. Maybe we could help each other to get you some lower prices. We can get pink or green camo onesies n’ stuff.
    Have you had a chance to read my blog? I’d like to know what you think.

  7. morosconcristianos.com says:

    I didn’t pull mine, that I got at 35…now I have two!

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