Latina blogger round-up: Part II

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  1. says:

    Thanks for the link!

  2. Keen says:

    I would totally treat you to a copo if you were here!

    Not so happy about the fact that I leave tomorrow, and there will be no more copos for me. Sigh.

    It’s going to take me a while, but I can’t wait to check out all of these blogs.

  3. Kenia says:

    You are awesome, keep up the good writing and the encouragement to all the Latinas!
    Thank you for the link. Kenia

  4. Handel says:

    OYE!!! Carrie, I don’t mind reading all of the blogs but I would like a guys perspective!! Do you know any male latino bloggers out there? I’ll be in Miami next month so I’ll make sure to have some Cuban food for you!!

    Big Fan,
    Handel Arango

  5. La Traductora says:

    Please check out my blog, “A Little Cup of Mexican Hot Chocolate”. I hope you like it!

  6. Adolfo says:

    Handel – I’m a Latino blogger. Me llamo Adolfo y mi blog es, which Carrie hasn’t signed up to follow yet! Maybe you will, if you like educational based child development information and random rants. Buenas suerte.

  7. Adolfo says:

    And misspelled words and typos, too!

  8. Carrie-in-TN says:

    You guys are welcome for the links…I promise to check everyone else’s blogs. Promise. Estoy trabajando as fast as I can.

    Handel et al..check out

    Lots of tipos over there…

    Happy Friday!

  9. emily kinzig says:

    can you call your Latina bloggers Las Escritoras?

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