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  1. parkersmama says:

    When Parker was two months old, he stopped pooping by himself. We had to use a thermometer or suppository every few days to help him go. One morning at around 2 a.m., we put him on the changing table and stuck the suppository in. The poop came spurting out in a giant SPLACK, shooting the suppository across the room onto the rocking chair and splattering poo all over the wall, changing table, carpet – and Jerod’s T-shirt. Jerod and I shrieked in surprise, and little Parker stared at us with big round eyes. There was a moment of shocked silence as we took in the mess. Then we started laughing so hard we were crying, and Parker was cooing with relief. (We had to throw Jerod’s T-shirt away.)

  2. Laura Feo-Fernández says:

    When our little Javi was a month or two old, he was nursing as he always did, for hours at a time. I was patting his back and his little tushie (he had on a diaper and onesie, mind you). All of the sudden, I felt something warm and being an exhausted new mom, it just didn’t register. When I was moving him to switch to the other side, I saw the extent of the damage. Both the nursing pillow and my lap were covered (and I mean covered) with yellow breast milk poo! I screamed and Javier just looked up at me and smiled.

  3. says:

    Good luck with the taxes!

  4. Carrie-in-TN says:

    Ah, gente…All you guys come through here today and only two leave poop stories? (Gracias Rebecca and Laura!)

    We have vaccines to give away (and you get free diapers!) sooo…if you are all constipated at the thought of sharing caca stories, it is OK…Just leave a comment and you’re in.

  5. Maestra Jen says:

    Poop stories…. where do I begin? hmmmm, well my primp and proper didn’t really offer us any good stories. But my tremendo son was always good for some embarrassing moments. When he was about 3 and still getting the hang of public potties, we had a MAJOR accident at my daughter’s Brownie meeting. Of course I had no extra pants with me, so we had to wrap his little pompis in my daughter’s pink sweater. We had to march out of the restroom and face a classroom full of curious 6 year old girls. I had the yucky pants wadde up in a bag, and my son shouts to my daughter ‘ sissy, I have naked pompis!”. The stories are endless, but I will spare you. :) Thanks for the contest. Great cause.

  6. Alicia ( says:

    So we have been potty training for awhile now on and off with my twins. The girls for the most part dont seem interested, but when they do we sit on the potty and read books, we could read over a dozen books and sit for over 20 minutes and they will do nothing but get a ring around their butt and then ask for a sticker for trying to go potty. As soon as they get up, I grab one of them to put a diaper on and of course the other one runs away and pees somewhere. I go to clean that up and put a diaper on her and the first one with the diaper on has taken it off and peed on teh floor!!!!

  7. evenshine says:

    No poop stories, thankfully (though I have yet to potty train my second child), but further proof that chicas are smarter than chicos- when it came time to potty train my daughter, I fretted and freaked and read up on every method I could. We got the small potty, the chart and stickers, everything. And we didn’t need ANY OF IT. I told my girlie- “Look at these cute Dora undies. Aren’t they nice? They’re big girl undies. When you think you can learn to tee-tee in the potty, you can wear them.”
    She was potty trained the next day, and we never looked back.
    This may have ruined me forever. I will, of course, be expecting the same from my son.

  8. sarahespn says:

    When our first daughter was born we brought her home and daddy was going to change her diaper. He had never changed a diaper on such a little baby and was alreaady very nervous. When he took her pants off and the diaper her realized that she had pooped and it was all up her back. It as such a mess and a good lough he could not believe how much could come out of a little baby.

  9. Ashley says:

    This is from when my daughter was 18 mo(she is now 26 mo)…

    This entry comes with a disclaimer – if you have a weak stomach, you will not want to read this entry. However, if you can handle poop, you will get a good laugh – I sure did!

    Sunday afternoon we had just come back from dinner in Grand Rapids with the whole family (both sides), and Jenny had only slept for an hour or so on the way home from lunch. She is learning how to use the big potty, so she and I went in the bathroom at my mom and dad's house to use the potty. She went pee, and was pushing out some gas, but no poop. She said she was all done and I had her push one more time – nothing came out – and I let her get down. She needed a clean diaper, so I let her go out into the living room to get one, not worrying about her leaking in the meantime. She decided she didn't want a diaper right away, and wandered out into the kitchen. I heard a grunt, but I figured she was trying to get into something she wasn't supposed to be in. Next thing I knew she was running into the living room with something in her hand – at this point we were all sitting in the living room (Alyssa, Shane, Mom, Dad, & Jason). I looked to see what she had in her hand – you guessed it – a fresh poop turd. (You'll have to remember how tired she was.) I started laughing so hard I almost peed myself. Poor girly was standing there – already embarrassed for having done a "no-no" – and started crying. Everybody else was sitting there waiting for me to do something, but I couldn't stop laughing. Finally I was able to compose myself and calm Jenny down. I got Jason to help me get her in the bathroom (at this point I was holding the poop) to clean her up. She amazingly didn't get any poop on herself (other than her hands) and my dad (who cleaned up the kitchen) said she didn't make too much of a mess on the floor either! What a smart little girly – and a good one too! (I couldn't believe she actually brought the poop to me rather than trying to hide it!)

    I'm sorry if that story grossed you out, but you can't say I didn't warn you!

  10. Kimmer says:

    I’m up to my elbows in diapers but yet don’t have any good stories…

  11. Sarah says:

    When my son was a newborn, he usually did good at diaper change with daddy, but mommy was another story. He ended up peeing and shot himself in the face which ticked him off. He also got the back of my couch. I told the little girl I watch about it. A few weeks later, her mom asked me if my son peed in my face. I told her no but he had himself. She had taken her baby alive and held it over her face and let it “pee” on her. Then she ran and told her mom that her baby peed on her like my son had done on me. Obviously not understanding the whole story!

  12. Kati says:

    When my son was first born and I was changing his diaper, I lifted up his legs to wipe, which pointed his little firehose directly at his mouth, and he peed in his own face. He was VERY angry at what I had done to him, but I could only laugh. For once he hit his own face, rather than mine or his dad’s! katisknowland(at)gmail(dot)com

  13. Emmyshell says:

    Don’t know if this is funny or gross… but, my lovely baby was all dressed up in her disney princess outfit (a gift from a disney employee) ready for a day at the park (care of disney employee) and on the way she pooped all over the outfit, car seat, herself etc.

    So she ended up wearing the not so cute backup outfit.

    emmawright12 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  14. Anonymous says:

    We are in the middle of potty training now–and what can I say, the only thing that encourages my daughter to use the potty is a bite of hard candy everytime she goes! I’ve tried many other things and lots of praise, but I guess a few bites of peppermint are not going to hurt her.

  15. Maby says:

    I want to forget all the potty training stories for a bit… as I’m back again in the diaper stage with my 3 month old. So far, though, it’s been funny to me to see my sister with her 1 month old – her first – be amazed at how “talented” I am for changing my baby pretty much where and when needed… on my lap @ the soccer field for example LOL. Que encanto encontrar another Latin Mom :)

  16. Carrie_in_TN says:

    Thank you all for the funny and scary stories…Comments are now closed. Will post the winners in the original entry…

    Gracias and enjoy the loot.

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