Talking about Abuelitas or Nothing Like a Latin Grandma

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  1. Raul says:

    Abuelos and abuelas are my favorite topic in the world. I adored my abuela. She would do things that would totally annoy my mom. Sound familiar, Carrie? Now that my mom has become the abuela, she does exactly the same kind of outrageous stuff. My mom has a “pobrecito” ready for my son no matter what he does. If I tell her he’s in time out: “Ay, pobrecito mi niño!”. If I tell her he’s in time out because he threw a tantrum and kicked a toy: “Ay, pobrecito! Did he hurt his foot?” My father simply responds that his job as an abuelo is to spoil him and mine, as a father, is to discipline him.

    Of course, my son wants nothing to do with mom and papa when the abuelos are around… :)

  2. says:

    Oh my Abuela loved watching Irish Chacon; unfortunately that show was banned at home.

    In any case, Abuela always spoiled me when I was at her house, and she is the reason of why I learned to love cooking so much!

    I really wish she would be around to spoil my kids!

  3. sarah says:

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  4. Modern Mami says:

    My mother is my daycare while my husband and I work M-F. It has some great advantages, but as you mention, she sometimes can spoil too much.

    Also, Iris Chacon is on MySpace?

  5. natbham says:

    Si, Si, I am laughing just hearing my mom say those same words about my son. But, Carrie, you don’t have it so hard. Try explaining to Abuela your family’s reasons for being vegetarian and assuring her that yes, el nino is healthy and getting enough protein!

    I am convinced she was sneaking him pan con lechon when mami and papi were not around!

  6. Carla (Mama Hearts Baby) says:

    LMAO @ natbham's comment. We're vegetarian too and everytime I go home my mami asks us if we're still not eating meat.

    They also totally don't get why we try to limit TV but when we're in NJ I let them do mostly as they please. And yes they do think our daughter is the most advanced & amazing & brilliant child they've ever seen. They marvel at her every breath.

    Oh and they think we're crazy with our bedtime routine. They kept me up all hours & brought to parties all the time. Us? Most nights la nena is in bed by 7:30pm =)

  7. spanglishbaby says:

    Both my daughter´s abuelitas live in different countries and it gives me a totally different perspective to what a precious influence they are in her life. There´s a huge void in her ¨spoiling¨ department. I know if I had them close by I´d go crazy with how lenient they both are with her.
    @Raul-I totally get the ¨Pobrecito¨ attitude. That´s my mom´s favorite word for everything her grandchildren do: ¨Pobrecita, ella no sabe¨..yeah, right!
    Que vivan las abuelas!!

  8. Roxana says:

    I loved reading this entry, Carrie, because just a little while ago, my mother pulled one of those “it’s my job to spoil my granddaughter” excuses…

    My daughter didn’t take a nap today and she was falling asleep on her high chair, so I put her in bed a bit earlier than normal. An hour later, she was still awake and when she heard my mom-who’d gone to check on her to make sure she was ok–outside her door, she started wailing that she wanted to go sleep with her. Against my pleas not to fall for it, my mom caved in! I wanted to K-I-L-L her!! In the end, I know my family’s really lucky to have her around.

    Mi Abuelita, the only one I have had since I was born, is the most incredible woman I’ve ever met! She’s turning 95 in a couple of months and until recently, she’d get on a plane to come visit from Peru if I told her I needed her–like when my daughter was born! I absolutely ADORE her! Grandmothers Rock!!!

  9. Abuelita en Miami says:

    On behalf of all the abuelos,Thank You.
    I love my abuelos,and hope my 3 granddaughters will love me as much,the only problem is, I get to see them 2, or 3 times per year,and you think I am going to spend that time saying,”eso no se hace”.

  10. Raul says:

    @Abuelita en Miami,
    I think *we* should be thankful to all the abuelitos out there!

    “the only problem is, I get to see them 2, or 3 times per year,and you think I am going to spend that time saying,”eso no se hace”.”

    This is exactly what my parents say. Is there una “guia de los abuelitos” that you guys pass around? :)

    Seriously, I totally understand the situation. I love every one of the minutes my son gets to spend with the abuelos, and frankly, I am happy to throw the rules out the window if that’s what it takes…

  11. Carrie_in_TN says:

    Can you guys guess that “Abuelita in Miami” is my Mami?

    Three cheers for all the loving Abuelos and for our understanding that we must allow them to spoil the living hehe out of our children. It took me a while to come around to that (you know, I’m all about schedules and rules and “eso no se hace”) @Roxana, I totally hear you on that sleep story.

    I also found it hilarious that we share the “pobrecito/a” phenom.

    And, oh the Latina vegetarians, I am so sorry!!! So glad that is one argument I don’t have to have. LOL

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