Quick hola, good linkage and Spanish Mother’s Day gift ideas

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  1. Linda says:

    Looks like your text didn’t wrap…

    bummer… I wanted to read the rest of it…

  2. Carrie-in-TN says:

    hey, thanks. working on a new monitor so getting used to it…gracias! xo

  3. Tracey Eaton says:


  4. Catherine says:

    Hi Carrie,

    Hope your keeping sane! Try making laundry time “educational” with your daughter. Maybe a quick lesson on colors when it comes down to sorting the laundry… It works everytime, I give you my word. LOL

    -Catherine [from Hispania :) ]

  5. Melek says:


    These days … busy is kind of good! Take your time … we look forward to your posts! :)

    I checked out the blog you mentioned … it's a pity that it does not depict the Real Cuba … still with pretty woman and interesting shots … IMO, it would be good to show the "entire picture", to include some photographs showing the struggle of Cubans … who regardless of the "Embargo" (does not include food & medicine)imposed by the USA, have been under an internal embargo by the Castro regime for 50 years … how about a photo of some of the dissidents or even their wives … along Lincoln's saying … calling a tail a leg does not make it a leg!

    I wish you well :) Melek

    "Man is not free to watch impassively the enslavement and dishonor of men, nor their struggles for liberty and honor."
    ~ Jose Marti

  6. class factotum says:

    “Send the First Lady to Cuba.”Oh. I thought he meant send her there for good. :)

  7. Laura Feo-Fernández says:

    Thank you for posting about “Along the Malecon.” What an incredible blog! :@)

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