Chicago and Shakira

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  1. Manuel Ortega says:

    Los dichos.
    Have you thought about doing one in reverse. "Where the rubber meets the road" (Donde la goma conose a la carretera). "Don't beat around the bush" (No pegues alrededor de la mata).

  2. Marcela Beatty says:

    I tell my kids:

    Sana, Sana culito de rana, cinco peditos para tu nana!

    Love your posts! Thanks!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Glad you had fun in Chicago. My dad's favorite saying when I was in high school was, "Ese huevo quiere sal." As he eyed certain male friends suspiciously.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wierd how much you and I have in common! You are always posting a similar thought or experience. I was in Chicago this summer too and my mija loved the fountain. We did the aquarium too, in our first hour there we saw two fish, rode 6 elevators visited the bathroom, nursing room, and vending machine room (she loved that) finally we went back to looking at fish.
    Next time you go to chicago you must get some pastel de tres leches from Pierre's Bakery on Milwaukee.delicioso!!
    ciao amiga

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