Some women inspire poetry, music, novelas. Me? Read on.

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  1. Sra. López says:

    Is that your daughter there in the video? That was hilarious and adorable. My kids would be way too shy to sing in front of everyone like that, (though I often hear them in the shower!) LOL.

    As for inspiring the headphones – that’s crazy. You really never know when something so small will be the spark of something big!

  2. Evenshine says:

    Definitely YOUR girl. The little head shake is SO you in your videos…

  3. Carrie says:

    Sra. López, I do claim her. And, we had to tell her to lower her voice because she would have sung at the top of her lungs otherwise.

    And, Evenshine…yes, indeed, she is MY girl. Her face, the same crease in the earlobe, the rebellious, hard-headed attitude. Her father gets the credit for her sweet, artistic, funny side…or so he claims. Ha!

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