Bilingual Music Playlist…with a dash of Freestyle and Celia.

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  1. Yara says:


    When I’m with my son for the most part, we only listen to Spanish music. Our latest is Nelly Furtado’s Spanish album. I love it!! And the lyrics are appropriate as well.

  2. John Lamb says:

    Cool list. I listened to them all on and used the free credits they give you for unlimited listens to four of the songs in your list: Let Your Light Shine, Because It’s There, Rie Y Llora, and No Tengo Dinero.

    Rock on. :)

  3. I find our baby girl enjoys grown-up music more than the kiddy stuff. She is currently OBSESSED with Michael Jackson, but enjoys some Bob Marley, and 80s/90s music. We do listen to Kids Place Live, but she seems to bop her head more to other music. Love it. ;)

  4. Carrie says:

    I do love that Maria likes grown-up songs too. It helps break up the kiddie indie rock, but oh gosh am I thankful she never got into some of the other, annoying, kiddie music I’ve heard.

    John, a belated thanks for the info!

    rockin’ on…

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