Cultural Symbols and Me

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  1. Marcela says:

    Was that nail polish you took a picture of in color Latino???

    I too have noticed all kinds of ads and products catering to the Latino market. They know that we have lots of buying power ( :
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  2. John Lamb says:

    Carrie, this is a wonderful post. May I cross-post it in its entirety at, with proper links and credits, of course?

  3. Carrie says:


    The color is a lipstick by Rimmel:

    John, yes, no problem cross posting.

    Here’s to buying power…

  4. Maria Hawkins says:


    I have noticed the same thing and agree…companies have taken note there are dollars to be spent and are wasting no time trying to cash in. I always go back and forth between being excited and being offended….

  5. Cristina says:

    I’ve started to notice this trend too. We definitely have a lot of buying power and I do think they’re starting to catch onto the trend finally. Speaking of the trend I found this new Facebook page that my daughters love and I figured I would share: Check it out!

  6. Ruben says:

    Great post, Carrie. Look forward to the post about the high school reunion (I would have gone as a cougar, but what’s a male “courgar”?….creepy middle-aged man? not fair)… Anyway, I came to Minnesota from Colombia almost 14 years ago (wow!) and in that period of time, I’ve seen a tremendous increase in the influence that Spanish and our gente in general are having on the mainstream culture here. We are mainstream. I feel like our Latin culture is no loger perceived as beign that different from the Italian-American, Irish-American, African-American subcultures…exciting, interesting, colorful, but overall, quintessentially and basically American. Lo cual es fantástico.

  7. Dariela says:

    Yes, I feel they are multiplying in places where they didn’t have any before. Around here(in L.A.) is not rare to find latino products but it would be interesting to look for them in stores or buildings were we know it’s mostly english-speaking. Hummm, me voy a fijar más…

    Hey, latino color lipstick! Now that IS interesting!
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  8. Carrie says:

    Maria and Cristina, indeed, it is about the buck, but at least the products were not culturally ridiculous or offensive. Hurrah for that.

    Ruben, I will be sure to post a picture of me in my odd animal print dress! Toda cougar, and sadly, a male cougar is just scary…

    Dariela, all those products are images are from very mainstream places — Target, Best Buy, Lowe’s, the local mall. I also found dulce de leche jello pudding recently. Not so delish. The Latino lipstick was nice and I wondered why they didn’t call it Latina? Not my color, or I would have bought it

  9. Tracy says:

    I saw that same emergency preparedness sign in my mall and snapped a photo. (I also snap photos of Spanish when I see it. LOL.) … And my town is definitely not like NY, LA or Miami, where seeing such a thing would be common place. Very small Latino population, though it’s growing :)

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