Auto-Tune and Authenticity

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  1. First off, Courteny Stodden is whacko!

    Secondly, wow! On point with this post! It is so difficult to explain and comprehend, even as an adult, why some people are successful and continue to have the support from fans who KNOW they have no singing ability. Yes, they can perform and are appealing physically. But I assume anyone who has a trainer, makeup artist, hair stylist, choreographer and great Photoshop expert can do just the same.

    Wait, that sounds like a lot of work. Never mind lol.
    Sujeiry, 1st Lady of Love´s last essay ..The First Call After A Breakup: Seeking Closure

    • Carrie says:

      Sujeiry, I guess the moment just highlighted the loss of innocence we all go through. It’s hard to see your sweet child get it that not all is right and fair.

      And esa Courtney — la pobre.

  2. What a keen sense she has!! So true about some of these artists. It’s crazy when you think how much money they make off not having any talent.

    • Carrie says:

      She does have a keen sense and she freaks me out with it. She is my teacher in so many ways…

      I also realize that she is going to grow up seeing a whole lot of talented people here in Nashville never “make it” as they should. This town is littered with true genius that never gets its true due.

      Life is strange.

  3. rachel says:

    reminds me of american bandstand – wait, they’re not REALLY singing!

  4. Wow…I have no idea who this chick is…lol. Oh well, blame it on a lack of cable. I agree with you, I hate to do anything that prevents my daughter from keeping her innocence and I hate the fact that we have to become cynics to some degree because the world really is a shady place. I think it’s good to be real and honest with your children though and help them to realize that there is value in everything you do. Some people might not do well in certain ways, or may just be in a career for the money…but that should help us to appreciate true talent and passion when we come across it. Those individuals are the ones who should be valued. Celebrity is twisted, it’s a false value and something that our children shouldn’t feel like they have to attain in order to be valued. Instead, they should just hold onto their passion and nurture their talents.
    Chantilly Patiño (@biculturalmom)´s last essay ..My Husband Lends His Voice to Multicultural Familia {Podcast}

  5. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! I had a similar experience with my 5 & 6 yr. old nieces who blurted out over the summer, “Tía, how come you’re NOT married?” Hmmm… confirmation that this has come up with their parents, perhaps more than once! What was I going to say? That all the Disney Princess pink, fluff is bunk? Sometimes the “Prince” does come, and he turns out to be a lying, cheating sack o’ ***, Phew, thank-goodness-I-figured-THAT-out-before-I-married-him! Then I looked at their big, brown eyes, that smiled back at me as much as their faces. I blinked. I said, Amorcitos, I’m not married b.c I have not met the ONE Diosito has chosen for me, especially one who does not wear a wedding ring. The older one blurted out, well, I’ll help God. She spent the rest of my long weekend going up to random guys at the pizza parlor, the mall the grocery store, checking out their fingers, and hollering, how about this one?

  6. Mariana says:

    My 6yo has recently become fascinated with becoming “famous.” I can’t quite pinpoint why, but it may be because of watching reality shows like America’s Got Talent and SYTYCD. I thought watching “real” people would be a good thing, but now she thinks that all she has to do is put a video on YouTube and she’ll be on TV tomorrow. Sigh. That girl is the one that married that actor from Lost, no? She’s crazy.

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