Well, Fudge. She Learned the F-Word

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  1. Ahhh that day when they realize it’s a bad word. You guys handled it so well! We’re also lucky she’s not going around saying bad words – she hears enough of them from us, though we do try our best, but they slip.
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    • Carrie says:

      Ah, gracias!
      It is hard not to slip…so hard.

      When I shared this on my private Facebook, it was funny to read how friend’s have dealt with their own kids and bad words…It is inevitable they learn them.

  2. Lisa Renata says:

    The loss of innocence. sigh. I think you both handled the situation (and adviced her) very well. If only children could stay innocent longer, I feel they grow up so very fast.

  3. Unknown Mami says:

    My daughter gave me the finger the other day, but only because she had a boo boo on it. I love that you told her you wouldn’t get mad and you didn’t. F@ck it’s hard to be a parent.
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  4. Ay, Mama! I hope that by the time I have kids, I’ve learned enough from you and a few other close friends on how to parent gracefully. I still remember the first time I said the F-word after I learned it at school… I got a big mouthful of liquid Dial soap! LIQUID! So much worse a punishment than bar soap.
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  5. Carrie, I’m learning a lot of from you! You seem to handle things well where I tend to over react sometimes.
    Mercedes @BeChicMag´s last essay ..Start Your Day With a Makeover at Latism

    • Carrie says:

      Mercedes, people smarter than I told me long ago that a goal in parenting was to not let them see you sweat. I try!

      You’ll be great one day.


  6. So sad how fast they grow up and how much pressures there is to grow up. I love this story in a sad it reminds me of how just big my girls are getting. You are talented writer beba!
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  7. Alicia says:

    Hi Carrie,

    You know our daughters are close in age, so this time I could not stop to share this. My daughter told me the other day that she learned a bad word. It took a lot of perseverance, so she shares it, and the word was stupid, I was so concerned. Of course now I am expecting more.
    By the way we are from Gibara, Holguin and If I am not wrong your family is from Banes. First time I comment, but always love your post.

    • Carrie says:

      Alicia, thank you for making my day! I love when lurkers comment!

      Words like Stupid sound so ugly in little mouths, don’t they? I try, try, try to keep words positive and never talk badly about people, but they do hear that stuff at school. Vamos a ver lo que pasa. Hard to keep the ugly away.

      Yes, my family is from Banes, so maybe we’re related. I know we have roots in Holguin too.


      • Alicia says:

        As always, you are so nice.
        You know that most of the times that you share something about your daughter, the same thing is happening us at the time. I remember your post about “morirse”, Gaby was so scared about that, too. It was conforting to hear other ways to handle that. We live in Oregon, no to many cubans/latinos around.

  8. Marta says:

    Ay, mama!

    You handled the situation with such grace. It breaks my heart to watch innocence break off in pieces. Maria is lucky that you are present for her in these moments.


  9. Claim that parental victory amiga! It is well deserved. And I like the way you explained it to her. Back in the day, that would have gotten the chancla for sure (at least that’s what my mother would have done).

    I actually have an F-bomb post in draft. I’ve just been shy about posting…maybe next week. Because it really is one of my favorite words – I am totally a boca sucia. ;)

  10. Lady, you handled this situation so well! If i had a daughter or son and they came home with this same scenario, well, I don’t know if i could have handled it with your patience. Thank you for a great read!
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  11. Monica says:

    You’re making me stress out. After I read things like this, I’m so glad I homeschool even though I know that doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference since they participate in so many extra-curricular activities and come into contact with so many other kids. I think I will cry when the day finally comes and I find out that my sweet children have have lost a little bit of the sweetness.

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  12. I guess I look at this as a learning experience for you and your child. I watch my daughter with her children and I see her being way more patient and wise than I remember being with my kids altho my memory is probably skewed. Good for you for handling her growing up with so much grace.

  13. “Words can hurt, she said. Yes, they can, we said.” I love that she knows this instinctively, so basic and yet look around and see how adults are constantly using fighting words which have devastating consequences: anchor baby, the n word. I’ve said–and have written extensively–that it’s not about being politically correct. It’s about learning decency, respect, and compassion toward others and difference at home. Seems your muñeca is off to a good start!

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