To Unleash Your Voice Break Your Own Rules. (#LatismVoice)

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  1. Lisa Amor Petrov says:

    Thanks for posting this. It was a good panel and I especially liked what you had to say. This post helps me share your message with students looking to develop their own voice.

    Young people should be engaged in this kind of work earlier…too often they internalize the message that no one cares what they have to say, or worse, that they have nothing to add to the dialogue.

    And then we wonder why they aren’t going to or finishing college to the extent needed. We all need to be more engaged!

    I’m definitely going to share your blog with an amazing young Latina, a former student who is now a teacher and living in Murfreesboro TN. She’s finding it hard to adjust to the culture shock of going from Chicago to “the boonies,” and might find some personal connection to your writing.

    And, if any of my students read this comment, know that you are my inspiration!

    • Carrie says:

      Lisa, I have told many, many, a young person to start a blog — even if it is private for now.
      Super cool that you work with young people. I can totally see how they are your inspiration. The times I have worked/talked with high school and college students has been wonderful.

      And yes, please pass my information on to your former student. I will gladly connect her with great people here.

      Best..and thanks for letting me know you liked the session!

  2. Blanca Stella says:

    Thanks for sharing this Carrie! I always feel there is much more inside of my head and heart that wishes to express. Definitely this week at Latism motivated me to do so much more as did your words just now. Loved seeing you again!
    Blanca Stella´s last essay ..Motivación Para Mi Hijo En El Proceso De Aplicar Para La Universidad

    • Carrie says:

      Blanca, if you’ve got more in there, I can only imagine how great it is. Let it out.
      It was wonderful to see you. You glow good!

  3. Alexandra says:

    I am so disappointed I wasn’t able to go.

    I work for a caterer, and November/December are booked solid months with parties.

    How I would have wanted to be there to listen.

    I agree wholeheartedly with each of your points.

    It’s hard to stick to your own compass when you’re so influenced by the other successes you see.

    We try to be everything…and we want to be everything.

    It’s very hard if you don’t shut your ears and eyes to being pulled in all directions.

    • Carrie says:

      You have unleashed your voice, for sure! You should be proud of how much you make people laugh, and how you find the connection in your writing and stories.
      I love reading you.

      I hope we see it each other one day, muy pronto!

  4. Ana Flores says:

    I´m sorry I missed your session, but happy to read this recap.

    Finding your voice goes hand in hand with finding your passion. One unleashes the other.

    Not only did you find your voice, but you also listened to all of us that keep cheering you on to make more videos. We really, really want you to make more videos. They are you in full color, and that´s a beautiful thing
    Ana Flores´s last essay ..3 Methods to Raise Bilingual Children

    • Carrie says:

      Mi’ja, I feel like I barely saw you — pero un poquito is better than nada! (And, at least I was there to see you win the big prize! Congratulations!)


      More videos…yes, I must, I must, especially before my need for Botox is even more apparent!


  5. Helena says:

    hi Carrie! Mil gracias por compartir. Every word is true (and so beautifully written) I’m printing this and keeping it by my side. Un abrazote!
    Helena´s last essay ..Blõ – wn Away! blo Blow Dry Bar Opens in Brickell

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