Mixing Cultures on New Year’s Eve

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  1. Great post- como siempre. BB, extremist that I am, and 2011 being the year that it was, spent yesterday steam cleaning my rugs- cubito wasn’t gonna be enough this time! Needless to say, estoy con la cintura caida -but not los animos.

    Adelante 2012 que Babushka tiene ganas de bailar!!!
    bohemian babushka´s last essay ..Christmas Craziness, Candies & Cariños

  2. Tracy says:

    The main tradition we had growing up on New Year’s Eve was to bang pots and pans outside at midnight. I don’t let the kids do it though. Our neighbors are mostly elderly and I don’t want to be responsible if one of them has a heart attack LOL.

    Carlos will be throwing water outside. He doesn’t require dirty mop water, but my kitchen could use it, so maybe I’ll throw that idea out to him … kill two birds with one stone ;)

    I’ve got the suitcase by the door and some grapes in the fridge. Wishing you lots of luck, prosperity, health, happiness and fun travel in the new year, Carrie. Besos!

    • Carrie says:

      Hilarious on the banging of pots.
      You must do that one year. At least one!

      And, I may throw just a cup out one day…Symbolism.

      Have a beautiful year, Tracy!
      Go get them!

  3. No wonder I don’t have much luck…always thought it was supposed to be red panties! A suitcase by the door!?!? This I must do!!!!!

    Happy New Year!!!

    (ours will be a quiet one too…the best ones!!!)

    • Carrie says:


      Red is for love! And, it appears you already have that! xo

      Did you put your suitcase by the door?
      Travel to come see me in Nashville!

      Happy New Year!

  4. Me encantan los rituales de fin de ano !!! Cada pais tiene sus costumbres. En Colo,mbia y uno que no dejo de hacer, es el de salir corriendo con una maleta cuando es media noche, asegura viajes para el nuevo ano, asi que como, es uno de mis hobbies, no falta el ritual en casa!

    Feliz 2012!!

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