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  1. Lisa says:

    So cute!! My son has been wearing glasses since he was just 2! he had surgery at one. He feels like his glasses are a part of him so don’t worry. Your daughter will be fine. And hurray, she can now see clearly!! Btw, I started wearing glasses at age 11. I wear them to drive, most of the time.
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  2. Pamela says:

    Your story brought back my own eyeglass angst. I started wearing glasses in the third grade, and by the time I was in the sixth grade, I was rocking Elton-John-huge, pink-tinted peepers. My mom gave me the green light for contacts in the 7th grade. I loved your anecdote about the Great Barrier Reef! I hope someday to muster up the courage for Lasik surgery.
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    • Carrie says:

      If you do get Lasik, be sure to go to the very best doc in your area, not the cheapest, the very, very best! No bargain shopping. I have heard nightmares and my own doctor was the person who fixed the mistakes other doctors made.

      Good luck!

  3. Unknown Mami says:

    She doesn’t have to hate them. Now people who don’t even need glasses are wearing them with clear lenses just to get that geek chic look.
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  4. Marcela says:

    She is a cutie! Iv’e never seen you in glasses but I’m sure you pull off one hot fabulous chick easily.

    My husband got surgery and says that was the best thing he ever did for himself.

    My 11 year old is eventually going to need glasses, according to the doctor, just a matter a time….

    • Carrie says:

      Yup, they told us when she was 5, she would eventually need them…and here we are.

      Lasik is life-changing! Glad your husband had a good experience, too.

  5. Tracy says:

    I’ve had glasses since around 3rd grade and “accidentally” threw them away on my lunch tray at school.

    Those glasses were replaced several times over the years but I’ve never worn them with any regularity. My 33rd birthday is this month and I’ve been getting a lot of headaches. I’m suspicious that it’s my vision which is getting worse after staring at the computer screen all day. I tried on my most recent pair of glasses and they make everything look so weird. The eye doctor said they’re the right prescription so I don’t know what to make of it. I can’t get used to them.

    Anyhow – my older son wears glasses and doesn’t have any angst about it. Our younger son is supposed to get an eye exam and will probably need them too. He doesn’t seem upset about the possibility.

    Sometimes it’s best to keep our personal feelings and memories to ourselves so we don’t taint our kids’ views. (Like the other day my younger son asked me if I agreed that math is fun. I told him ‘yes’ even though I hate math. Why ruin it for him and cause him the years of homework struggles I dealt with?)

    Maria is a cutie, glasses or no glasses – and you’re right to focus on the positive. How fortunate we are to be able to fix our children’s vision when there are people in the world that can’t.
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    • Carrie says:

      Amen to being able to fix it..and hurrah for keeping our own angst to ourselves…and goodness, I would have killed you if you were my kid! LOL Throwing your glasses out?

      • Tracy says:

        My Mom didn’t find out it was on purpose until years later. Likewise she didn’t find out until years later that my first son wasn’t an accident but rather a plot to ensure I could marry Carlos.

        She hasn’t killed me only because she’s hoping one of my kids will turn out like me – for her, that will be the sweetest revenge jajaja
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  6. Nareen Rivas says:

    Great post! Brought back memories of when I first wore glasses in 6th grade. I remember walking around “el bloque” with my mom and realizing that those green rectangles were street signs! And I also remember the annoying rain beating against them. Thank goodness that I got contacts in 8th grade. However, it’s nice to know that glasses nowadays are very chic looking (not the thick monstrosities of back them. Can you say pocket calculator? : ) and you’re daughter is a cutie. She will make wearing glasses cool : )
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