The Thing About 45

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  1. Lilian says:

    You look absolutely amazing! I turned 41 last Saturday & I feel pretty depressed about being 40+. The worst part is that I don’t use ANY kind of creams, not even moisturizer, I never have (only sunscreen at the beach or pool)… I know, my bad. Even my mom — who never used much of anything until she started using a Payot cream that her friend forgot at her house when she was 40 something.

    anyway… I hope I can feel as confident as you do at 45. Thanks for sharing your musings!
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    • Carrie says:

      Lilian, don’t be depressed! 40 + is fabulous…but, nena, get some moisturizer…Good stuff. Stuff that makes you inhale deeply and makes you feel nourished and kind to yourself when you put it on. It’s a good thing!

      And, of course, if I can get these extra pounds off me, I’ll feel even more confident!


  2. Tracy says:

    As for the first part of your post, I’m 33 but I already empathize with the majority of this,(Carlos has promised me that as I get older and my eyesight fails me, he will help me spot the chin hairs. Romantic, sí?)

    And regarding the second part of your post, I’ll be taking some of this wisdom and tucking it in my pocket. Hopefully I can learn these lessons early.

    • Carrie says:

      Very romantic, indeed, Tracy!

      I promise, we only get bolder…and better.
      Don’t believe those who tell us we don’t.

  3. Cindy Smith says:

    Great post. Be sure to read Nora Ephron’s piece, “I Remember Nothing.” It’s what happens AFTER you quit hating your neck and start worrying about your mind. Then again I think about my mother dying at 50, and I refuse to obsess about anything expect being happy and enjoying a life that is free of pain, filled with wonderful people and things. (And yet: Who knew that your boobs would start growing again? I have shrunk down to 4-11 — from a proud 4-11 and 3/4 — but my boobs have a life of their own. I finally understand that old joke … Does Dolly Parton sleep on her back…..?)

  4. Lou says:

    Well, I didn’t know you at 24, but I think you are gorgeous at 45. Myself? I am a firm believer in no sun and, to quote my sister, “moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!”

  5. Carrie, you’re gorgeous. I love this post. And seriously, you don’t look a day past 30.
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  6. RubyDW says:

    45!!!! Carrie I wanna be like you when i grow up lol I could have easily said 35 Fantastic amiga!
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  7. Alba Garza says:

    Your beautiful! And what 45? You do not look it. I am feeling the same way. At the end of this month I turn 34 and am feeling so 3-4. But remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder!! And Latinas are Hot by Nature! It’s in our genes!

  8. Ericka says:

    1. Happy birthday!!
    2. You look absolutley amazing.
    3. I need the name of that snail slime moisturizer, please.


  9. Haha…great post Carrie! I’m sure 45 is fabulous, even with the drawbacks. Everyone talks so much about age being a bad thing, but I love that with each passing year, we truly understand and appreciate ourselves that much more. I love being 30…and I love having the brain and experience of a 30 year old. Congrats on 45 Carrie! :)
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  10. You are sooooo beautiful….I’m sure 45 will fit as good as 24 did. You’re right…. Celebrate and embrace it all… even the tweezers. :)

  11. Unknown Mami says:

    Love you and all your years of wisdom and experience. I’m 41 and you know what? It’s a’ight!

    Here’s to becoming awesome viejitas with much to share!
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  12. que bold and beautiful. i’m afraid i’ll be like my father: afraid to age and not deal with it so well. In my mind, I’m still 22: I was young, madly in love, traveling the world with the man I was madly in love with, worked out like an Olympian and really enjoyed my life. I want that back. I want it at 45, 65 and 80! Why not? I was recently visiting a Cuban friend’s girlfriend — una gringa de 58 años — whose bookshelves were full of “get young” “stay young” books! I was shocked! I want to pull her hair and tell her to enjoy her life and stop trying to compete with the 30 and 40 yr olds! But then again, tiene un mango entremano que tiene 40! Imaginate! Keep them tweezers close!

  13. pattie says:

    I loved reading this. I’m in my mind I’m still 21 and I feel like my whole life is ahead of me and when I sit back and realize that I’m not, I feel like I’m so behind everyone else. I feel like I’m being left behind, but I’m not competing with anyone! It’s a whirlwind of feelings. Thinking of just letting go of age and being age-less.
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  14. Eva Smith says:

    Love this! You look beautiful. I was like what … 45! Nooo. You look like your in your 30s. I hope your future posts will be how to age gracefully.
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  15. Rachel says:

    I personally think you are beautiful inside and out and you just made me look forward to my 40’s a little bit more. And you’re so right. I need to focus on enjoying the “ahora” the now because tomorrow isn’t promised. Mental note to self: stock up on snail cream :-P
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  16. What a great post! When I was 18, I covered up my two piece and I was skinny minny. Now at 35, I realize this may be as good as it gets, for now at least. We need to love our bodies at any age and live in the moment, (with tweezers in hand!). Lol

  17. Carrie says:

    Ladies, perhaps I should do posts that fish for compliments more often!

    Thank spirit I respond to each of you directly and tell you that you’re smart, fabulous and forever hot.

    Life is good no.matter.what…

    Happy Birthday to Me!

    And thank you for making my day here.

  18. ¡Happy, happy and feliz cumpleaños! I envy your grace and peace. I’ve been fighting aging with everything I’ve got: lotions and potions, good nutrition, I’ve never been a drinker but only one glass of vino a night, trying to sleep well, and honey, lunges, squats, and arm weights. I guess I’m going down in flames!

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