Just American: An Exploration of Identity

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  1. Lilian says:

    Carrie, that’s an awesome post!!! I haven’t checked ancestry.com because I have no idea whether they will have any info/data on Immigration to Brasil (I doubt it) and I do know quite a bit about my ancestors on my paternal family (100% German & Polish), but I’d love to know more about my mom’s side.

    I particularly like your remarks about recent/undocumented immigrants and how we’re all Americans — I mean, not me! I’m actually deeply resentful of how much it costs for me and my husband to get our citizenship. Not only I cannot afford it right now, but I would rather use that money to buy a ticket (almost two tickets!) to go visit my country… Maybe I’m not ready for citizenship because I really don’t value it right now… Sigh. Sorry for sharing this latest pet peeve of mi e! It’s very hard to be an immigrant most of he time. :(
    Lilian´s last essay ..Philadelphia traumatized us…

    • Carrie says:

      Lillian, it always is nice to reconnect!
      You know, ancestry.com does have international records, but I don’t know about specific countries. They have a 2-week free trial and that is how I got hooked.
      They make you work for citizenship, don’t they! I am sorry it is tough and expensive…at least you have a path to citizenship. So many don’t. :(

  2. K Punto says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful story. I am media Cubana as well, with a whole lot of American Indian and European mixed in (not to mention Ecuadorian stepmother, lol). Its nice to read about someone else who also is finding their identity while having a foot in both worlds. Thank you for sharing.

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