Walking Meditation

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  1. Abuela says:

    Madre mia! despues de oir la cancion, me parecia ver a Maria vestida de monja.
    Very beautiful

  2. Rebecca says:

    I watched this the other day, but I had to come back to see your cat again. I had an all-black cat for 14 years. Best cat ever. She’s been gone going on three years and I still miss her. Your guineas are fascinating. They and the cat are friends?

  3. Carrie says:

    Rebecca, our cat, Yogi, is wonderful and funny and though 11, she is like a kitten. She also has seven toes on one foot and six on the other. She also has extra toes on the back. She ignores the guineas, as they are bigger than she is. Had she had access to them as chicks, she likely would have had them for lunch.
    Sorry about your cat…We had a cat once, Truman, who we still miss too.

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