Playing with the costume jewelry and a contest for you

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  1. says:

    Even the scary ’80s stuff, which I can’t part with. That stuff is going to be hip again one day, right?

    OMG! You are kidding right?

    I’m sorry to say I don’t think it will make a comeback, and even though I truly enjoyed wearing it, I really REALLY hope it never comes back!

  2. evenshine says:

    Ugh, Univision. Between their scantily-clad, usually shallow-as-a-rain-puddle presentadoras and their misuse of the term “immigrant”, I find little of value. Do you think it’s a TV station that elevates the popular view of Latinos?

  3. OccasionalConfusion says:

    Haha about the co-worker. We moved to Ga not too long ago but I could tell you that I’m glad to have univision on-in the background. It reminds me of home, Miami. And although, evenshine may be right it’s part of the culture…

  4. Carrie_in_TN says:

    I’ll never wear the ’80s stuff, my kid might…even for Halloween?
    The novelas never have been my thing beyond a quick look for cultural observations, to induce my melodrama moments when I go all llantos play-acting, and inspiration for wearing good push-up bras.

    And OccasionalConfusion, welcome to the Real South!

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