Fathers and daughters

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  1. says:

    As someone who comes from a dysfunctional family, I cannot stress how important it is that Maria hears that she is loved a lot from both of you.


  2. Cana says:

    In order to grow healthily both physically and mentally, a kid need love both from dad and mom. Family education is the key towards the kid’s bright future.

  3. Roxana says:

    This entry made me cry, Carrie! How awesome that your daughter and husband have such a wonderful relationship! I think that is so important. I lost my father almost four years ago, and I still miss him like crazy. We were very close and I owe him so much! I am lucky to be married to a man who is a wonderful father, too! My daughter is only 2 1/2, but I can already see the special relationship they have developed. And, I love it! Thanks for sharing with all of us and thanks for the comments you’ve left over at SpanglishBaby!

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