Silent morning

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  1. Chantel says:

    Lovely post. I feel you, sister. I wish my daughter could know what it’s like to grow up with primas and primos around all the time, to have that chatter of familia be the background music of her life. Then I realize that the memories she’s making here will be just as precious to her and mine are to me.
    Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one:)

  2. Marta says:

    What an eloquent post.
    I am so impressed that you have embraced your Tennessee woods and seem to have brought nothing but positives from Miami.
    Your nena is quite the lucky one.

  3. gwr says:

    Hola Carrie –

    I stumbled upon your blog via Babalú Blog, and I feel lucky I did. I’m doing the same thing as you — I’m teaching my two kids (5 and 2) Spanish, even though I’m a gringo who only learned Spanish in high school. (I’ve studied it a lot since my daughter was born to refresh my abilities. When people ask if I’m fluent, I like to say that I speak Spanish well enough to communicate with a 5-year-old.)

    I’m from Nebraska and currently living a couple states north of you in Ohio, and my bilingual experiment is not always well-received. Mi esposa is very supportive — the rest of my family, not so much.

    You can read some of my rantings about the reactions I’ve gotten at . You write so much better than I do, though. 8^)

  4. Mami Hen says:

    Gracias, amigos. I will remember that posts written with teary eyes are well-received… GWR! Congratulations on such a smart and loving thing you are doing for your children. Al Diablo to the small-minded relatives. I will share your site with the smart gringo who lives with me…and if you only are speaking Spanish with your kids, you are paces ahead of me in dedication. Bien hecho!

  5. gwr says:

    Mami Hen –

    I wish I was that diligent about only speaking en español a mis hijos, but I’m not quite there yet. I haven’t learned the proper context for some of the cuss words yet, for example, so I find myself yelling profanities in English. 8^)

    Seriously, I wish I had the resolve shown by your abuela to make them speak Spanish around me. I can see how that would really work.

    But I sometimes get little surprises that tell me I’m doing the right thing. For example, my 2-year-old substitutes “arriba y abajo” for “up and down”. And native speakers are always amused when both kids respond “de nada” to my “gracias” … 8^)

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