Freed from the camera phone. Finally.

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  1. Marta says:

    Does this mean I can start texting and sending you my phone pics??
    (don’t panic. that wasn’t a threat…)

  2. AmandaDufau says:

    OMG, I remember the day the sky was like that! It was absolutely breathtaking!

  3. Balou says:

    When was that Miami picture taken? I don’t remember that at all. Beautiful!

    BTW, I was at Tere (A Mom, A Blog…)’s birthday party tonight and someone gave her a “Candela” shirt. It’s so cute!!

  4. Mami Hen says:

    We were in Miami the end of January. It was during Superbowl weekend. I caught that sky on our drive in from the airport. I said a big, ole Gracias for it. When I come home, I always thank the universe for the palm trees too. I miss them and that blue sky. Here, we have beautiful sunsets with gorgeous gold, orange, pink and blues. Breathtaking.

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