Making room for more…Updated

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  1. Marta says:

    You are very brave. I am on a creative bender and purging helps fuel that fire, so I’m also purging and overworking the shredder.
    Hey, if I can’t lose those pounds from my thighs. . .this is the next best thing. =D

  2. London E says:

    Clutter is my life! Especially working from home. I recently did this too and it felt so good. Although, it seems to be a never ending thing. i feel like it’s clean for one day before something else piles up in that empty spot. No matter how many things I buy to help me organize, there’s always something that doesn’t have a home.

  3. The Hen says:

    It always gets worse before it gets better. Given that I have pulled stuff out to go through, I have more stuff out…(Like Reporter’s Notebooks from interviews in 1993!!!). But, there’s been at least a few things thrown out or put in the give away pile each day. Goodness, I need a Feng Shui expert!

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