Squid Who?

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  1. GingerSnaps says:

    LOL! I was a witness to the “naked lady on Music Row”…in fact, I think I may have just been the one who called the cops on her. That was one of the funniest things ever…every person in my building was looking out the front windows.

    You just gave me a good laugh.

    Thanks, I needed that.

  2. The Hen says:

    The lead to the story was something like: “She said she just wanted a little exposure.” Ah, Nashville!

  3. Marta says:

    You TOTALLY rock!
    But don’t get a tattoo that reads:
    Seth Godin thinks I’m a golden goddess.
    At least not yet… =D

  4. The Hen says:

    No tats, Marta, I promise.
    Hey, Ginger wasn’t that woman wearing just cowboy boots and a hat? LOL. Wonder what happened to her.

  5. GingerSnaps says:

    LMAO! Yep, she had on a black cowboy hat and black cowboy boots…just walking down the street like it was just another day in paradise…

    I have no idea what happened to her…but I wonder if she realizes that even close to 20 years later, people still remember her? lol

  6. jpdmom says:

    ok i will need some help – i did my own squidoo lens and then i like did not post it right or what – it was gone. How cool is Seth Godin – I have some nice emails from him – he is a great guy and I wish I had 1/2 his wit, humor or knowledge. Good luck in ’08 and i may call for some Squidoo help!
    Jamie Lentzner

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