Answering the question: More kids?

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  1. Marta says:

    Those same insensitive people line up to tell my how I’m screwing my kids up by homeschooling – I may have to rant about this soon…

    You are a brave, and unselfish woman for enduring what you did to have Maria. Hug her hard and give thanks to God for the gift she is.

  2. Cubanita in Colorado says:

    Ay mami hen! No es facil! I am also getting into this phase of “I-don’t-want-Nicolas-to-be-a-single-child-like-I-am” and I did’t have it as difficult as you did.

    Marta, talking about insensitive people lining up… tell me about the ones I have like: he should be sleeping through the night loooong time ago; you should not give him any milk at night when he wakes up, get him out of your room and let him cry to sleep… whaaat!!???

    Sure, call me spoiler or whatever, but how can I refused to give him his so-loved bottles of milk when my newphews (and some many other kids) in Cuba can not drink milk after 7, at the age they start to loving it the most?!

    Maybe when I have more kids it’ll be easier to get over those situations and those comments, but so far, man, sometimes, really, me sacan que quicio!

  3. Tere says:

    Ay! As someone debating whether to go for #2 or not… I understand a bit. I can’t shake the feeling of wanting more than one child, but definitely am struggling with a lot of what I know lies ahead as far as another pregnancy, labor and those first months/years.

    There’s no easy way around these choices (or dealing with the feelings when you don’t have much choice). I worry my PCOS might return and that would add a whole other element to this for us.

    Your circumstances are what they are. I don’t think I would go through that a second time, either. Ultimately, whether you have one or two or ten – no option is ever really the best one.

    No es facil, indeed! At all.

  4. Lilian says:

    I hear you. If I were you I wouldn’t do it again either. Even having it easy doesn’t make me want to have another one!

    And yes, count your blessings, it’s wonderful that you had a child, this life-changing experience. I don’t buy that “only child” talk…

  5. class factotum says:

    Not to diminish your pain or hardship, but I would have been thrilled to be an only child! No sharing of the bedroom, no fighting with my sister when she borrowed my underwear, no having to sit in the middle in the back seat, my parents’ undivided attention — where’s the downside?

  6. internatlgirl says:

    I also have an only child. Julia is 8 y.o. and I’m 42 and my DH is 51. We did not have to undergo the fertility treatments, but did have a hard time conceiving. I always thought that I would have 2 children, but I absolutely enjoy having an only child. I find that I am able to truly enjoy my daughter, while a lot of my friends that have more children are living a much more chaotic life than we are. There is more time to talk, to read, to play, to travel… to really know your child. I had a good relationship with my parents, but definitely not the closeness or communication that we have with our daughter.

    I think I mentioned that my 8 y.o. daughter Julia speaks Spanish. She and I took a one month trip to Buenos Aires last summer. We rented an apartment and lived 4 blocks from very close friends. Her Spanish improved dramatically and we got to spend a lot of uninterrupted time together with no cell phone, no interruptions from work, etc. I don’t think that I’d have been able to take a trip like that if I had more children.

    So, I say enjoy your only child. Revel in the time that you have and in the wisdom that we have as “older” mothers.


  7. jpdmom says:

    Carrie what a beautiful post – you are so honest. Be happy with the little miracle you have – you are lucky. Haven’t talked in awhile – hope all is well. How is My Wares doing?

    Jamie R Lentzner

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