White is a place

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  1. John Lamb says:

    When you get time, could you share those ways it is funny?

    It’s just that there are less humorous reasons for someone to say what she said (see stories here and here), and surely neither you nor your daughter intended any negativity.

  2. Carrie says:

    John, I will buy you a beer and fully explain…but here is this: there is a lot of discussion among Cubans and whether they check off “white” or “Hispanic” or “Latino” on census forms. You’d be surprised to learn how offended some folks are by the “separation” and refuse to check off something other than “white.”

    What I think she has noticed, in her innocence, is that people where I come from (Miami) are of more varying colors. Even within my own family. Most of the people she sees regularly here are white, with not a whole lot of varying skin tone or ethnicity.

    What made it funny to me, in part, is that there are those I love dearly who would have a cow if they were not considered “white” — despite coming from somewhere else and not being seen as “white” by people who see themselves as “white first.” Do I agree with them? No.

    It’s the on-going discussion of race in America and about how one defines oneself, versus how others define you.

    Did I just complicate this?

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