Tween Dora is revealed and she’s no chonga

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  1. Tere says:

    Totally with you on this one:

    1) She’s not hideous

    2) Ditto – no doll to hook up to the computer

    3) Why NOT more Latina dolls?

    I mean, we’re the friggin’ largest minority group with billions in buying power. Surely we can enjoy more that one doll/character to represent us?

    Are you listening, Nickelodeon/Mattel/other large corporations?

  2. Meredith@MerchantShips says:

    Well, she’s not as bad as I thought.

    I think the original Dora looked much more neutral-gendered as a way to appeal to both boys and girls. Now with Diego, Dora is free to be more feminine.

  3. Becky says:

    Here Here!

    More Latina dolls! I mean, the economy NEEDS us right now right?

  4. says:

    I’m still laughing at Tween Dora is no Chonga!

  5. Cassy says:

    The doll resembles many of my elementary school students. The look is realistic, though I would like to see other Latina dolls as well. BTW, what’s a chonga?

  6. Carolina says:

    phew. she is better than we imagined. and yes they should have more latino kid characters period. my son love handy manny, i would like to see more.

  7. Adolfo says:

    First, nothing’s as bad as Disney. Second, anything “horrible” to parents is a “teachable moment”, a chance to help children understand why something is horrible. Third, Dora is marketed to “gueras”, not Latinos, so accept it. Third, let’s make our own dolls, Carrie. I have a publishing company, you have a retail website and I’m an artist. Why wait for Mattel, or Disney to screw it up and stereotype us again?

  8. evenshine says:

    Ummm…there *are* Latina dolls. Maybe not as many as we’d like, but they do exist. American Girl has a Mexican heritage one called Josefina (not to mention Marisol was the girl of the year recently), and Barbie already has several Latina models (ugh, but, ok). Dolls Like Me also has quite a selection.
    And the reason there aren’t more Latina dolls is probably due to a)Americanization and b)perceptions of beauty grounded in “whiteness” and skinny body shapes.
    And I like the new Dora. My nena will be all up on that.

  9. Carrie-in-TN says:

    @cassy, LOL. See this video:

    @adolfo, my fingers are in too many pots already, but you want to do it, I’ve got the doll-making contacts, and will gladly help you market and PR.

    The doll is pretty and much better than the shadow image first indicated — it looked like she was wearing a mini. I imagine she will be a hit.

    And as @evenshine said, there are Latina dolls, but none that match Dora’s popularity and marketing power. TV does have quite a few, like Handy Manny and Maya and Max, but again, they don’t match Dora in popularity.

    I guess what I’m saying is that there is room for one more popular, licensed-all-over-the-place Latina character.

    Also glad they’re keeping the TV show as is.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I have boys…but what fun if she connected to the computer and you or your child could record Spanish phrases? I had a couple of dolls from Spain when I was young…they came with a small, vinyl record that inserted in their back and played Spanish songs song by a little girl…I LOVE them!

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