The right Che t-shirt, if there is a right Che t-shirt

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  1. class-factotum says:

    If only there were a way to make the acronym “SUCKER,” “IDIOT” or “MORON” out of it. “SWKU” just doesn’t do it.

  2. Laura Feo-Fernández says:

    You know, I always wonder what Che would think if he could see his image being used to make mucho dinero. Just sayin’…

  3. Early Bird says:

    Check out the book “Everything But the Burden” by Greg Tate. The essays are built on the central theme of Whites pillaging blacks of their culture, but leaving the burdens and stresses of racism, poverty, social stigma, etc. They want the look, the walk, the talk, of minorities because we’re cool;-) and gaining power, but not the reality of being a minority; which would require them to give up many privileges. Also look up “The Invisible Knapsack”.

  4. Carrie-in-TN says:

    Thanks for the book suggestion…and all of you for the “getting it.”

  5. Osonegro on Twitter says:

    Peggy McIntosh wrote “The Invisible Knapsack” and it would be great if everyone could read it. It’s not a book, just an essay and easily read. Here’s a link:
    It helps to put many things into perspective.

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