Quinceanera Bootcamp

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  1. Laura Feo-Fernández says:

    My hubby and I have a friend like that. She likes to tell everyone she was born in Germany (her parents are doctors in the armed services or something? yo no se). But now that she's in graduate school and looking for a dissertation topic, she is so frickin' Cuban and Puerto Rican. C'mon…my gringa a$$ is more latina! jajajaja!

  2. Tammy and Rob says:

    Oh, this is too funny! It's amazing how true it is though. I didn't have one either I was too much of a tomboy to be interested!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I love this clip – I think I'll use it for my class – topic second generation Latinas in the US…. muchas gracias!

  4. abuelita says:

    He soltado las tripas riendome,asi mismo es.De la que te salvastes.

  5. Cubanita says:

    Carrie, buenisimo!!!
    Me he reido como una boba, yo sola, delante de la computadora. I will share it with a couple of friends who are teachers and/or, ejem, facing some sort to similar situation.

    I liked the idea of Monday's self portrays… after reading your post I have realized that I barely take photo of myself or include me in any photo for that matter…

  6. Mrs. Mami says:

    HAHAHA This video is way too chistoso, gracias for sharing, blessings to you and your familia

  7. Marcela Beatty says:

    Very funny! Love it!

  8. Ana L. Flores says:

    Way too funny..and kinda scary!
    Hialeah Mami..know some of those ;)
    OK…I´m off to exchange my organic black beans can from Trader Joes for some GOYA!!

  9. Balou says:

    omg, i was so anti-quinces, it's not even funny. it totally did not fit in with my doc maartens/the cure/the smiths-style. i even went as far as shaving 1/2 my head (neo-punk that i was) a month before my quinces so that i wouldn't be forced to have the pictures done!

  10. Monique says:

    Hahahaha…too funny!

  11. gcbron says:

    Too funny! I laughed so much tears came out.

  12. Melinda says:

    thank you for sharing, I will have to find my pictures and repost just to scare you! I love it when my gringo friends see the pictures and wonder why the hell I am wearing a tiara and a long princess dress….oh to have to explain it all over again!

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