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  1. Handel says:

    Hey Carrie,

    I was just there these last two weeks!! It was beautiful! That is wonderful that your family is here finally!! If you get a chance, take the family to Hollywood beach at the boardwalk (Johnson Street is the best place to park) There has been a mile out sandbar, for the last month, that is just amazing and the water is crystal clear as if you were in the Bahamas!! Enjoy those pastelitos!! I know I got my fill!! I'm back now in the pleasant heat of Tennessee! ;(

  2. Cubanita says:

    Carrie, tell me about those re-used disposable diapers back in the island; you wouldn't believe the horror stories, I could certainly write a book.

    Over here, my poor Mom still struggles the urge to wash and dry disposable (plastic) cups, plates and forks… in Cuba they would reuse them until they broke.

  3. Lisa Renata says:

    I'm glad you are having a good time with your familia. It is amazing how easy we truly do have it here versus others in other countries. I am very grateful for that.

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