Nothing like an American in a Latino Family

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  1. Marta says:

    16 years (!!!) Eric has been a part of my big, fat, Cuban family and he STILL asks the “what are you fighting about?” question.

    (I thought the movie looked promising, too.)

  2. Melek says:

    LOL Carrie!

    We have been married for 24.5 yrs. My husband, like yours and Martica’s is not Cuban … he says we are just a little “loud” … and talk way too fast for him to follow …, but his antennas are always on reception mode. ;)

    I wish you well :) Melek

    “The happiest people don’t have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything.”~ Unknown

  3. Carla says:

    I love John Leguizamo so I’ll be lining up for this one (at the DVD counter that is). My husband isn’t Latino either and I think he’s actually said that my family has given him a headache before…lol…just based on volume!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately, when my husband’s WASP parents fight (alcohol-induced, which means very often), they are fighting, not conversating.

    I think spending time around my drama-free, quiet, repressed Catholic but not Latin family has shown him that it is not normal to 1) drink a gallon of bourbon in six days or 2) spend all your time sniping/yelling at each other. It sent a shudder down my spine when his dad toasted us at the wedding and hoped we would be “as happy as [his parents] have been.” Please. My standards are much higher.

  5. Tee says:

    That sounds like a great movie. I can relate to your husband. Sometimes my husband (he’s Salvadoran, I’m not) will be on the phone with his Mom. When he hangs up I say, “What are you fighting about now?” – And he insists they were only discussing something. (And I even have the benefit of being able to speak/understand Spanish – it’s just the forcefulness of the conversation that throws me off!)

  6. Anonymous says:

    John Leguizamo is hilarious. He will not disappoint. I’ve seen him on stage and his first standup (Mambo Mouth) is still my favorite. He and Messing I’m sure will tear the house down. I’m so looking forward to the moving. Can you tell I’m a fan???

  7. Balou says:

    That movie looks great! And sooo true! My BF is ethnically 1/2-Mexican, but is actually third generation American (nacido aqui). So yeah, I might as well be dating a gringo. Although he’s had a lot of fun at my family gatherings. He said that he really liked that we got together to celebrate everything just because we want to.

  8. Carrie-in-TN says:

    OK, when the movie comes out we get the reviews from the non-Latino spouses!

  9. viv says:

    funny….sometimes it seems like we are arguing…but we are not!

  10. Jujita says:

    I thought the same thing when I saw this preview! I can so relate with the Latino/Blancita!

    My husband loves my Cuban family.

    He refers to my big fat Cuban family as “colorful” and proudly tells everyone he’s part Hispanic now.


  11. Melinda says:

    Thank you for letting me know about this movie, I also am married to a gringo, we will be celebrating our 25th. Not only does my husband ask why we are fighting, my kids always ask us to stop fighting…well, I must admit, it does get pretty loud…especially when the next person wont stop talking so you can speak! I will be looking for the movie, and asking my husband to post his review…I am sure he will appreciate it.
    and I love the poster above that said her husband is part hispanic now…I love it!

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